Thursday, 20 January 2011


So i bagged a spot on the lovely Kristi's Pay it forward. I am V. happy. I feel lucky to have her do something nice for me. In return, I have chosen to do the same on my blog. It's just to darn good an idea not to share. I think the original pay it forward idea might be a tad more complicated so i'm sticking to Kristi's rules.

The first three eligible (e.g.  not already bagged a pay it forward from elsewhere) peeps to respond will receive a handmade/ or personal gift from me sometime in 2011.

All you have to do is the same for 3 other people or 3 random acts of kindness. Spread the love.

If you are one of the lucky three please email me your deets...



1 comment:

Concrete Jungle said...

Oh dear...I did read it but being so far away I never participate in these things. I'm sure someone will get on the band wagon. Best of luck!

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