Friday, 28 January 2011

Royal wedding memorabilia

I know you can probably get a coin or a mug but i think i may just be purchasing this instead. How gorgeous?

Should probably buy two really. One to keep in the packaging and one for the kids to play with but i'm not a good 'keeper'. I say release and enjoy!


matrimony said...

How beautiful that was, Fantastic!! I like it very much.
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Lizeylou said...

You so have to get one of these - it's cute and kinda funny at the same time. Do you think the queen knows about this?

Tracey said...

I'm guessing HM The Queen is aware. It's from ELC which is a pretty huge toy company in England. If she didn't they'd be in serious trouble i guess!I think William is a lot more laid back and the Royal family want to appeal to a wider audience. I just think it's genius! The corgi is my favourite!

Wedding Planning said...

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