Friday, 7 January 2011


Recently i've been adding new blogs like crazy. I like never watch TV anymore. This blog definitely set me back a few hours. Though it was a few of the most pleasurable hours of 2011. Apart from those snuggling with my babies of course!

Line + Liv Blog and Shop. I think i love you...your blog is beautiful and you write in English.
Oh and that grey and peach. I have to use that somewhere. It almost brings me to tears of joy!


Kristi said...

gasp. i love every. single. photo.

ps. thank you so much for you sweet comment on my blog. i have been thinking of your kind words all day. xo.

Concrete Jungle said...

Gorgeous pictures....just happy there were no blogs when my kids were small they would have been abandoned!

Line+Liv said...

Thank you so much Tracey... big joy ... you warm my heart ... lovely wishes for the weekend, Wiebke from Line+Liv

lisaroyhandbags said...

wow - great blog! thanks for introducing us! :)

KERRY said...

Yes, I love this blog too. Discovered it a while back...I love their home and shop...everything! Thanks for your comment recently...sorry for late response, Bertie's leggings came from for 'baby leggings'. There are lots on there and they're really cheap. Not the greatest quality I will add, but seeing as they outgrow them so quickly, and for the price, they're great. Happy New Year!

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