Monday, 3 January 2011

Woodland kids room inspiration

My friend Bex asked me recently for some ideas on creating a new decor for her nearly 3 year old's bedroom with a woodland vibe and she loves ladybirds. So here are a few woodland /ladybird ideas for all those nature lovers.

No room of this nature would be complete without a toadstool of some kind. My two have one of these little battery lights each and they love them. At £5 each i don't think you can go wrong and they are perfect for reading midnight stories!

Now at this point there are a couple of options for a room like this. You can go all out and paint a mural around the room of a woodland scene...with ladybirds etc... which could be cute but i think would be huge amounts of effort/or cash and could get tiresome quickly  so i have focused on a more simplistic way of introducing a theme.

Walls. I'd stick to neural white or go muddy grey like Fired Earth's Malm, or maybe even a green if you can find a shade you like. Then i'd find some great prints or artwork to adorn some of the walls...maybe make a collage of prints or add in some photos to the mix as well.

Kathy Panton at Etsy

I really like the punchy red and the mismatched cushions here. I think adding a red element to a piece of furniture - paint a chair, some picture frames or add some red fabric cushions will breathe some vibrancy and life into plainer walls. I think in this case red and white dotted fabric could be great as cushions or bunting and easy to make if you can't find any pre made.

Then i'd pick a feature wall and introduce a tree or branch to bring the outdoors in. This can be done in many ways, real branches attched to walls can hang ornaments too and fabric mini animals or you can paint your own, or mosaic one out of wallpaper samples. Failing that there are lots of tree wall stickers available too.

Then i couldn't resist adding these in as Daisy loves ladybirds.
Vinyl Wall Decs at Etsy

There are lots more things that could be fabulous in a room like this but hopefully this will give you some inspiration!
I would also check out the beautiful prints at Belle and Boo that would go perfectly in this room. Seb and Kit have this one in theirs.


Amanda said...

Great post Tracey - I love all your ideas and agree with adding elements of a theme through acessories rather than big items etc. That ladybug light is so cute!

daisymama said...

Thanks for the ideas! Daisy will love it!
As soon as the re-dec is complete I will send you a picture!

leanne said...

so lovely, I love the woodland idea. My little one has the night light from cox & cox so I can vouch for it's cuteness!

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