Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My camera has gone to camera heaven

...and i am a weeping mess in the corner.

 Apparently it had taken a 'knock'. A big one...not by me. But me thinks i am not careful enough at putting it away in high places. The camera guy literally had to rip off my lens that was stuck but the camera still didn't play nicely with a new lens. Apparently, not worth the cost of repairing ;(

Anywhoo...i'm on the search and my overdraft will soon be a weeping hysterical mess too then! I'm a Canon girl. Any ideas?

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Turbo said...

Oh no!! That is my worst nightmare. Are you looking for a compact, or an SLR? I have a couple of friends who just bought the T2i and both love it. My brother just bought a G12, and has also been very happy.

Tracey said...

Hey Turbo - Someone else said the T2i. In England that is the 550D. Really great ISO range. How the video stuff work. Does it get used? x

Turbo said...

Yeah, one of my friends uses it primarily for video. The only thing that is tough, is that you have to pull focus manually,when shooting video. Great value, though. It is basically the consumer version of the 7D.

Kristi said...

i am so sorry. seriously. hugs.

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