Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bkids Giveaway: bloesem kids wear neon

So i've been lusting after these baby beauties for a while and now's my chance to get one

...well yours too.
I think the fishes are just so so lovely
Just realised they do sets too. For parents/siblings...adorable!
But this is the one i know the Kitmeister would LOVE the best.

Entries accepted until 22nd June so hop on over to Bloesem Kids. Three people can win!

Last time i was pregnant i had a lucky roll at the the casino on the roulette table and yesterday at Kitty's Montessori  playschool i guessed the weight of the cake at a fun day so with only a couple more weeks or so til i sprog out i'm going to try my luck as much as possible! Maybe i need to do the Euro lottery on Saturday?!

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