Saturday, 11 June 2011

Dolls House Style

Just spotted this over at J.W.K.
Thanks to Table Tonic for introducing us!


Anonymous said...

If you like doll houses visit:

She has a beautie!!

Melanie said...

I want one!!!! gorgeous!

Jess said...

So beautiful....I still have the wooden dolls house my grandad made me when I was a kid. I have wanted to make it over for izzy for ages. I'm inspired :)

Thanks so much for your advice re: the childcare situation. In my heart my decision was made but it was hard to get my head around taking little izzy out and moving her. I know it's the right thing though.


Tracey said...

Thanks Anon. I'll have a peek! x I do like the cheapness and simplicity of this one very much. She bought the shell for under $20.

I love how the one i bought for kitty was 99p too!

Tobe | Because It's Awesome said...

this is amaaaazing!! i don't know anyone that needs one more than me :)

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