Friday, 24 June 2011


I read  Sharon's post over at My French Country Home about her younger years 'living the life' in St Tropez when it was filled with a magical spirit of "extravagant soiree's and hunting for sea urchins with a bottle of white wine and a lemon" at a deserted beach...all before the tourists came. It's really beautiful if you can go and have a read. I do love to get lost in someone else's descriptions and past. It is like reading a great book that also happens to be true. It is the wonder of life for me to travel and meet people with amazing stories of their lives, mundane or not and what makes photographs also special to me...the stories behind them.

I found these pictures of my parents getting on a plane in Ibiza. I think they are one of my favourite finds. I wish they were here to tell me now the story of their trip. If they partied hard or drank wine and chilled on a sunset beach.

I know some people say you shouldn't look back too hard but sometimes nostalgia can be a great thing don't you think?


Ana Degenaar said...

I'm a newbie here what a lovely blog you have!

sharon said...

Hi Tracey, thank you for posting the way to my post about St Tropez, you're too kind. Just love that picture of your parents!
Have a great weekend

kim said...

Tracey, I love these photos - what a special thing to have! How hip are your parents?! Thanks for the link also - I love reading and seeing other people's experiences as well, especially when the day to day stuff gets in the way and drives me crazy. Like today, for instance. Perfect timing.

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