Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Quick Kids Bedroom Update

So Kitty has a big bed. Seb has Kitty's bed...the cot is waiting for the bambino!

 This is how it looked before.
 Heart and star duvet cover from the new children's bedding range at John Lewis 'Little Home'.   Star quilts from Zara Kids. I love how you can use both sides. Either pink and white stars or white with pink stars. Seb has the same in the perfect turquoise to match the wall!

I'm thinking i might be over the wall stickers?

By the way...Do you realise how difficult it is to get your hands on a decent cot bed/junior bed duvet cover?
It's hard ...unless you like Disney characters or baby style trains etc... Everything is in single or cot size. That's why Seb has ended up with plain white, but i kinda like it anyway.


Sarah said...

Looks gorgeous. Missing you xx

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

lookin good! wall stickers are fun, but if you have had them for awhile i say switch them out?

Amanda said...

What a stunning children's room - one of my faves I've seen, truly!! Love the colours, the bedding and all the little touches.

Anonymous said...

Love it! looks so nice and fresh


Bubby Makes Three said...

I totally hear ya on the cot linen thing... I had the same problem last year! There is a market for some decent handmade ones, I reckon!! hmmmmmmm.

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