Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Suffocated by simplicity?

Just spotted this image over at French by Design 
I think i'm having a weird reaction... this kind of suffocates me. Is it the beam overhead or the fact there is so much white? Or that i feel compelled to drag in some kind of colour or cushion or ornament or maybe just a lamp? First impressions i guess would say calming but it has me hyperventilating! Jeez i'm so over dramatic. Anyone else or is it just me?


Tiffany said...

Oh wow, I'm having the exact same reaction as you! It's very... sterile and uncomfortable, like an insane asylum! My chest literally feels tight!

Tracey said...

I wonder if it's the lack of windows?

Anna said...

I'm freaking out about it because all I can think about is how dirty a human will make this place. The beam above makes it feel too compact as well.

lou said...

It is the beam above that I don't like!

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