Friday, 3 June 2011

'Let them be Wolves' Photography Series Snapsnot by Louise Freeland

There's something to be said for letting your children 'be wolves' every once in a while.  Love these.

Her website is coming soon. Watch this space.


Jess said...

Beautiful! There is nothing better than watching your children play free nature intended!! Love these photos!

Tina said...

Tracey! I just found myself here and I LOVE it! What a fantastic blog you have - it's like you have copied and pasted all of my favourite things onto your pages. Do you have a subscribe by email option? I've added you to my google reader but often forget to check it - I'd love you in my inbox! Have a look at my page if you get a chance -

Tracey said...

Thanks ladies!

Tina - your blog is delicious! Will be over to read the archives soon!Hmm will have to think about adding a email subs maybe? Or add me on favs on your blog so you don't forget me? I use mine to read that way most often and love now that it tells me when they last updated too! Saves me heaps of time!


kristi said...


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