Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Baby shower balloon competition

So today baby Freeland arrived. A baby girl as expected at 6lb 9oz. Congrats to the Freeland family. 3 is definitely becoming the new 2! Unfortunately my baby shower balloons that got released over a week ago with possible names may have gone too far astray ;( No response yet. Still hopeful, but i have a feeling she will named soon anyway! Feel free to offer your ideas!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Love handmade

Too cute. If this were my only Christmas present i'd be a happy gal. Of course i'd still want a full on slap up dinner with all the trimmings though! My godaughter made these and gave them out the other day but i think they are too cute to save for Christmas. Thanks BB. xx

Thursday, 23 July 2009

My glass is always half full.

Seriously, positivity is catching. I think its a gift to be happy most of the time regardless of what situation you're in and i love it. It's the thing i most want to pass onto my children.

Having just discovered 'The Quiet Life of Violet' it only confirms to me that people who are positive and happy can overcome so much and Violet is surely an inspiration to us all.

and so are these. Today i feel very lucky just to have these.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Have a great day whipmeister. Sorry about the photo but i couldn't resist!! xx


Am loving the summer with the kidlets. Both of them are growing up so fast and i seem to be missing it as everyday passes. This is a reminder to pick up my camera more and worry about other stuff less. Selling my house seems to have brought out the worst in me. My creativity seems to have vanished, almost. Why is it that having to keep a tidy house means less crativity. I thrive on mess. Mess = creativity. Can someone help me cure this association?!

Roll on more big and bright beautiful sunny days. You are very loved!

And for the record:

Things to do before i'm 31.

1. Use my new sewing machine

I've started the list so now its official. More to come...

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