Thursday 30 June 2011

Boys Room at Travelling Mama

I just love the eclectic feel of this shared boys room. Had to share.

 And i love how she revamped this Ikea classic...could you tell?
 Via Travelling Mama.

Life is just a bowl full of Cherries

Though i would add...that have already been de pipped! It's a messy job making crumble!

Funnily enough it doesn't quite seem the right time of year with all this humidity to be making crumbles but they were. SO. GOOD.

We picked the cherries...loads of them from my friend's tree and personally i can think of nothing better than crumble so i made on its own in all their glory and one with peaches. Man i love a good fresh cherry!

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Kid Style: Slogan T-shirt

This T-shirt would suck on an adult but i love how he totally rocks looking cool so easily. Even when i watch him sleeping he is so beautiful. Must take after me...

I have no words Wednesday: Neon, stripes, spots and stars!

 Images Via Another Day

Tuesday 28 June 2011


We have this little place in Essex not too far from us that is awesome. It's simplicity is it's success but the food is to die for. It's one of those places that's perfect for the kids, or a brunch with friends or just for sitting quietly on your own with a paper. That's what i did this week and couldn't help taking 'less than perfect' iphone pics just to show you. We should have more places like this. Not chains but little independents, doing their thing and doing it really well. If you are ever in my neck of the woods. It's worth a trip.

I just love the story wall. So if you are on your own and there is no papers free, you can just read the story on the wall instead. Genius!
So i ate so quickly and forgot to take a photo of the actual food. I choose a combination salad which you can pick from a selection in front of you. Butternut squash, tuna and bean and a Greek little number. I could have eaten it for the next two weeks it was so delicious!

Monday 27 June 2011

Dressing the Bump

Today was a super hot 30+ degrees here. You can probably tell from the lack of make upage! I can't believe i actually still had leggings on here!

Dress : H& M
Leggins: TU
Vest: Gap
Necklace and Bracelet : handmade randoms as presents...i'll find out if anyone cares!
Totally rocking carrier bag, 'Bag' (See it poking in the side of the picture?) : Rockett St George (I'll post separately about my new love for this later!)

Want to see some previous editions?... go here and here.

Just for Fun...make this

    Teach your whippersnappers some recycling tips!

Tutorial at Family Fun
Via SoLovely (Decoration)

Sunday 26 June 2011

Seriously Hot House Love

...Over at Design Elements. Their last few posts have been insane. Read it and weep.

Saturday 25 June 2011

Wallpaper inspiration for a Home Salon

So my friend has a rocking little salon where she styles hair from home and is looking for some wallpaper inspiration particularly for creating a feature wall where it won't get splashed with hair dye!
  I totally love this...
 It's a digital image produced by the French company Elitis. They have the most amazing papers and a whole range of fabrics and interior products. These papers are not cheap but for a feature wall they make a dramtic impact. So amazing close up. From here, cuttings can be sent for €2.50
 This one comes in an amazing mustard gold too. You may recognise it from the last Milk Deco No.4?
Though on a gold vibe, I'm totally drawn to this beauty by Arte too!
 The salon itself is painted in this. Which I think has a much 'greyer' feel up close.
 Other options i found available at Wallpaper Direct. 
They stock a wide range of brands at all price points and the first two samples you request are free.
Nono  - Love Lace Panels. I love the black lace.
 Only comes in 6 panels though and measures 279 x 280cm 

Designers Guild - Eldridge

 Ferm Living - Fashion
 Paper Moon - Bond Girls
Romo - Mirabel/Anis
Or Barbara Hulcricki's - Hula,  for a more Art Deco/ Biba inspired look
Albany - Opium
At the moment i'm loving the graphic element to the floral patterns on the market.

Which is your favourite?

Friday 24 June 2011


I read  Sharon's post over at My French Country Home about her younger years 'living the life' in St Tropez when it was filled with a magical spirit of "extravagant soiree's and hunting for sea urchins with a bottle of white wine and a lemon" at a deserted beach...all before the tourists came. It's really beautiful if you can go and have a read. I do love to get lost in someone else's descriptions and past. It is like reading a great book that also happens to be true. It is the wonder of life for me to travel and meet people with amazing stories of their lives, mundane or not and what makes photographs also special to me...the stories behind them.

I found these pictures of my parents getting on a plane in Ibiza. I think they are one of my favourite finds. I wish they were here to tell me now the story of their trip. If they partied hard or drank wine and chilled on a sunset beach.

I know some people say you shouldn't look back too hard but sometimes nostalgia can be a great thing don't you think?

Favourite Blog Friday: Bohemian Hunter

Bohemian Hunter has only been in blogland since February but already has amassed a great style and collection of beautiful images both decor and child related. This top one is my favourite. Kids rooms rock!
And so do cup cakes!
Or any cake for that reason. How pretty with the gold stars?!

Visit Bohemian and baby Hunter here.
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