Saturday, 25 June 2011

Wallpaper inspiration for a Home Salon

So my friend has a rocking little salon where she styles hair from home and is looking for some wallpaper inspiration particularly for creating a feature wall where it won't get splashed with hair dye!
  I totally love this...
 It's a digital image produced by the French company Elitis. They have the most amazing papers and a whole range of fabrics and interior products. These papers are not cheap but for a feature wall they make a dramtic impact. So amazing close up. From here, cuttings can be sent for €2.50
 This one comes in an amazing mustard gold too. You may recognise it from the last Milk Deco No.4?
Though on a gold vibe, I'm totally drawn to this beauty by Arte too!
 The salon itself is painted in this. Which I think has a much 'greyer' feel up close.
 Other options i found available at Wallpaper Direct. 
They stock a wide range of brands at all price points and the first two samples you request are free.
Nono  - Love Lace Panels. I love the black lace.
 Only comes in 6 panels though and measures 279 x 280cm 

Designers Guild - Eldridge

 Ferm Living - Fashion
 Paper Moon - Bond Girls
Romo - Mirabel/Anis
Or Barbara Hulcricki's - Hula,  for a more Art Deco/ Biba inspired look
Albany - Opium
At the moment i'm loving the graphic element to the floral patterns on the market.

Which is your favourite?

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Sydney Steenland said...

Hi Tracey, tahnks for that info on the canon, I'm so lost with all that and I need all the help I can get! ps that first wallpaper rocks!

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