Wednesday 31 August 2011

Yes please...

Coat love at Emerson Made. I'll have one of each please...

I know it's still meant to be summer here but it's getting cold around this joint! You never mind the cold quite so much when you have a rocking coat to wear.

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Someone cut her own hair...

Don't ask. I think it must be a rites of passage for little girls.

At home. One week before she starts school. Where you kinda need it tied back. She had a beautiful haircut. I had a colour. While the hairdresser washed off my colour, she played 'hairdresser' with the scissors. Oh dear. Another few trims later and it's bearable. Can just scrape it into bunches with a few clips holding up the short bits. Could be worse!

Well you can hardly be annoyed at a 4 year old over their hair. What kind of message would that give. You are only pretty/beautiful/nice or mummy's only happy when you have a certain hairstyle? She seems to be pleased with herself anyway.

Notice the difference?

Paul Smith Wallhangings

Alphabet Blocks Pink Wallhanging by Paul Smith | Wool Wallhanging

Alphabet Blocks Blue Wallhanging by Paul Smith | Wool Wallhanging 

Alphabet blocks needlepoint wallhangings by Paul Smith. Perfect heirloom for the nursery!

Wednesday 24 August 2011

I have no words Wednesday: Birgitta Wolfgang Derjer's living room

Birgitta Wolfgang Drejers home 


 All you need is 
a muslin cloth

Monday 22 August 2011

No added sugar AW11

No added sugar...born and bred in London.
 Although it's still lovely and warm here, these Winter outfits are calling my name. Not that i'd actually fit into them of course! But it's fun to look when you have a baby, a boy and a girl. 
Whatever you see it'll work on one of them!

Friday 19 August 2011


Stylish fun ideas for kids = One big fat image fest. A kids room ideas, haven of style! Go pop in and say hi to Tina.
And if you want your own slice of Australian Nooshness go and see their stuff here. My favourites are these.

Thursday 18 August 2011

Hair and other stuff

Her hair has started to fall out at the back where she lies in her moses basket. I saw a few hairs on her sheet today where her head rests. It's a sign of her growing up and moving to the next stage. I wonder if it will all fall out or turn to blonde like the others. And her smell, that smell of her hair so baby sweet. She's still got it.

I am so lucky to have her here and healthy. I have my fingers crossed for someone else i love to be this lucky very soon, to have this smell of their own to breathe and i know that it will happen. Fate unfortunately is not governed by time but be strong my friend. You have a few angels on your side.

And if you want to do something great today for others who may not have this in their life soon,  because not everyone in the world has what we have... food, water and a roof over their heads, let alone a computer. You might want to go here or here, have a read and trade in your coffee, cake or magazine money today to help someone who needs it on a whole greater level.

Photos by Louise Freeland
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