Tuesday 29 November 2011

Yes please...

Make all shoes superhero shoes at Smallfly. Now who wouldn't want to be a superhero?

Friday 25 November 2011

Quicker than a sandwich: Make it

Salad leaves, baby toms, beetroot, dressing

pan fried halloumi, 45 secs each side in a hot pan.

Quicker than a sandwich. Amazeballs.

Thursday 24 November 2011




Hello to everyone celebrating Thanksgiving today.

 We don't celebrate it, but then i think i'm a little ignorant because i'm not even 100% sure what it is, or where it came from. Is it a day to give thanks? If it is, i like it. And if we celebrated. I'd do it just like this.

 Via here.

or maybe just play it cool and celebrate with a little of this

Or go the total whole hog and get myself one of these!

A hot chocolate bar via norococo

How does your thanksgiving day go? I'm intrigued?! Presents/no presents...how do you celebrate?

Tracey xoxo

Monday 21 November 2011

Cool rider

These 1970's inspired trikes by LA Designer James Purse must be high on the shopping list for more than a few design conscious parents. But which colour?
Via here

I on the other hand would forget the kids and go straight for this ping pong beauty. Words cannot express how much i love a bit of ping pong every now and then. One rainy holiday to the Maldives and i was addicted!

Saturday 19 November 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

If you want to feel good about yourself, do something for someone else.

I just came accross a link to this post. 35 Random acts of kindness to celebrate a 35th birthday. Her present was to see the best of her children and the joy these acts brought to others. An absolutely awesome list! I would definitely get a kick out of doing something like this.
 My favourite is the change of a vending machine or a car park machine!

I on the other hand am getting ready to send my parcel of gifts for Christmas to the children at The Small Things Orphanage in Tanzania.

And at the moment i can't help but think that any spare money i had really belongs here. I have never even met any of these children but it is so hard not to feel a connection with them from the wonderful blog and lifesaving projects set up by the amazing Bekka Ross Russell. I have never before come across anywhere where your single donation however tiny goes directly to them with no middle people involved to take their cut. I have found her blog a lifechanging experience for me personally. If you have a dollar or a pound or even a Euro rattling around in your paypal account today why not donate it here? At the moment they are trying to save baby Peace. Your dollar could be the difference they need.

Go on do something wonderful today, whatever that random act of kindness may be!

Friday 18 November 2011


If you love kids and design and just want to be inspired and don't care that you might not understand a word of it...then you'll probably want to check out this. DecoPeques. This is a teeny meeny tiny miniscule selection and they have SO much more fabness in many different categories.

All images via  DecoPeques Ambientes que Inspiran

Tuesday 15 November 2011


Loving my new moodboard inspired by Decor8's Blogging your way course.

Thinking of making some changes around the joint. What do you think?

Anything you love and wouldn't want to miss? Anything you wouldn't miss?

Don't be shy. Pretty please.


Monday 14 November 2011

Reading: I still love the real thing. Yes paper.

Never usually buy Harpers Bazaar but this cover...oh the light!
Insane photography by Tom Munro and Styling by Cathy Kasterine

In love with this German family magazine Luna

And this German interiors magazine. Such a find from one of Mr C's trips!

A sight for sore eyes.

Monday 7 November 2011

This is why permanent markers and kids do not mix.

Luckily these were whiteboard pens. Not half as much scrubbing required, but for them, still as much fun!

Friday 4 November 2011

Favourite Blog Friday Interview: Peep My Style

This post carries and time and jealousy warning. All i'm going to say is i have total blog crush and if you like it too, you will spend at least some of your day checking out her site. Claudia's style totally rocks out...and she's a pretty cool cat too.   

Hannah Blackmore Photography

Have you always had the same style or has it evolved as you got older?
My style has always been pretty similar but has evolved over time - what i could afford 5 years ago is very different to what i can afford now (or at least how much i am willing to spend on things!). I used to be more trend driven, which i still am to a point but i tend to spend more money on things i know i will still have in 10 years time. i go through phases too, like i am totally having a pink/minimal year at the moment but next year, who knows! I am also all about editing, looking at my spaces and tweaking, taking away things that aren't harmonious no matter how much i love them. my most favourite thing to do is rearrange a room/vignette, it's so satisfying...

Having kids often means making some changes to your environment. For your F.K (future kids!) What design/style/piece could you not live without or give up?
That is such a good question! I have actually gone through that scenario in my head, what will i have to give up when i have kids? one of my closest girlfriends has a son (Tex) who loves to pick up my things and got hold of my ceramic antler bowl which was a goner! a chunk cracked off but i was able to glue it back together - despite this i still have it out when kids are around. i really hope i dont have to censor my style for kids, mind you i have been seeing some kid friendly furniture that i am (in my head) incorporating into my look. i think, if anything, the glass domes may have to go, and i may have to scotchguard the louis chair!

 Who/What inspires you?

I get inspired by blogs (tabletonic, theselby, thecoveteur, jakandjil, intothegloss, fffound, whowhatwear to name a few), magazines (US elle, aust vogue, inside out, belle, real living, aust vogue living, architectural digest and french vogue), peoples places, window shopping - everything! there are a few shops that i go to that inspire me everytime i walk through the doors, also my girlfriends are all very creative and have great style which inspires me (hannah, alice and zoie). i am obsessed with kelly wearstler - she is so incredible and also martha stewart and carine roitfeld (just got her new book!)

The little glimpse i saw of your parents house (above) looks totally modern and cool. Did you get any of your fashion/design influence from them?
More and more as i am getting older and maturing i appreciate mums style - when she was my age she did a design course but kids got in the way of her making a career out of it. she has a really great eye for making neutrals work and chooses really classic pieces that stand the test of time. dad on the other hand is where i got my penchant for everything old and junky, he is very sentimental and has an great collection of 'vinatge stuff' (old typewriters, tins etc) dad is also who i got my neat freak organised nature from, we are two peas in a pod when it comes to tidying.


If your home were on fire what three things would you save? (People and animals not included. Let's just assume you'd save them first!) 
oooh i love this question! well first would be my mac because it has my massive image file and all my photos, then my skull book by artist tai snaith that was custom for me from my brother and his girlfriend, and thirdly my black giant day bag from balenciaga - this bag has been EVERYWHERE with me over the last 5 years and just gets better with age (can i also jam my hermes bangles i got from mum in there?!)
 Visit the beautiful Claudia (Claud) at Peep my Style here.

P.S All Photos taken by Claudia/Hannah although most of the above are actually taken by Hannah (Blackmore) her photographer stylist friend who is also somewhat of a styling genius so while you are on a roll you might want to clicky here too!

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