Monday 30 August 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

Today my dad would have been 70. I miss him. I was only 25 when he died, 15 when my mum died.
Sometimes i find it hard to remember much of my childhood without those important people to talk about it and remind you through their memories. I like these pictures. I don't remember them but i remember how he loved his girls in their matching outfits. I'm the small one with the dodgy fringe!

70! You crazy Del Boy. It would have been one wild party!

Do Fun Stuff:

A really great and funny album for peeps with kids for an amazing charity that you will probably never have heard of. Yep, thank God your kid doesn't have this... but someone else's does.

If you're in the UK. Go here.

Have you seen this? Kiki and Coco in Paris

Kiki and Coco's slideshow

It's beautiful. It will make you smile. And so will Stephanie Rausser's Photography Portfolio.

Sunday 29 August 2010

Love this

A nautical Saturday of blue and white

Such a beautiful building. I would love to see this with a lick of paint!
And i quite fancy living on this houseboat...for a week or so!

Friday 27 August 2010

Have you seen the Unhappy Hipsters yet?

It was hard to pretend the date was going well after she’d glimpsed the bathroom.

(Photo: Andreas Meichsner; NYTimes)

For more hilarity. Here.

Thursday 26 August 2010

It's raining again

It won't stop. What has happened to August? Oh wait... I live in England!

Anyhoo, it makes me want this Belle and Boo print.

When our friend was over the other day and the kids were moaning about playing outside we let them go out in their underwear to dance in the Summer rain. It lasted less than 5 minutes and after drying them up they were quiet for ages. Worked a treat and it was supercute. Not quite as sweet as this picture though  - and there was no duck. Never as cute without a white duck.

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Ikea trip for kids - fun or frightful?

Anyone else thinks its actually fun to take the kids to Ikea? I mean we were bored, wanted to get out of the house and i wanted to get some material to make some curtains for the kids new playhouse and i thought hey! Ikea! Granted if you actually wanted to get a trolley of stuff it could be difficult on your own but otherwise i think my kids think its like a trip to a playcentre or something. (Apologies for the horrific phone pics, but you get the jist!)

Swivel chairs, trying out beds, sofas, a whole room of toys and stuff to pick up and touch and roll around in. And a cheap lunch out. And yes i did remember to get the fabric!

I also picked up a couple of new books. One of which is called Beloved Homes. I can't wait to read it as it is a peek inside 9 Swedish homes and looks just gorgeous. Book report coming soon!

P.S. I just love this lamp.

Monday 23 August 2010


Great weekend at the V2010 festival watching Kings of Leon, Kate Nash, Florence and the Machine and well too many to name. Here are my top festival feet & fashion iphone specials! Denim shorts and florals were in, as well as boots or sandals. And there were a lot of floral headbands too!

Me and Lou, with her crazy eyes (she had a makeover in the MAC tent. What a brilliant idea for a festival!)
What's your favourite look?

Friday 20 August 2010


Jen is a graphic designer who owns and runs this amazing blog and online shop of contemporary art cards and prints.

Although everyone and their dog probably already knows about Jen she is still my Favourite Blog Friday for this week.

 My favourite art from her shop includes

My favourite Inspirations from her Blog. Can you recognise any of her work in some of these rooms?!

And now some images of Jen's own home
 Too good to miss. Check it. Here.
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