Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Happy Birthday Kitty!

Someone special was 5 today. Preparations are in full swing for a superhero party at the weekend. 
She loved my washi tape birthday parcels. The girls got taste. What can i say?!
Her day went something like this.

Wake up, presents, breakfast, school, jewellery making, lasagne making, cake decorating, more presents, eating tea and playing with presents, playing, bath, playing, stories, bed.

Oh the joy of birthdays when you are young.


Smbumblebee said...

Hope Kitty had a lovely day today and a fantastic party at the weekend. I'm also hosting a superhero party for my 5 year old the following weekend so will be looking forward to hearing about yours and hope to get some inspiration :)

Hosanna said...


Tina said...

Happy belated Kitty. What a great day and what a great post. Love the wrapping.

She is lucky to have you as a mum! x

Tracey said...

Thanks peeps!

The superhero party was so much fun. ;)

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