Wednesday 6 June 2012

I'm moving. Come and see my new home...

Hey lovely people. Thank you all for coming to this little space and giving me your time and loveliness. I hope you'll come and visit me over at my new place too and take the time to adjust your readers.

A British blog  - It's full off cool stuff + kids, family living in style and lots of original house and
kids room tours shot by my lovely team of photographers. I'm hoping it will become all the best bits from here with a whole lot more. Come and say hi!

Hey a little preview of our first house tour going up on Friday. 

Tuesday 22 May 2012

In love with Presley's Room

If you follow me oh my! You'll have already seen this gorgeous space and you'll no doubt be happy to see it again. If not then...ta da!

A favourite element definitely has to be the framed bikini. Oh so sweet.

They have recently had to move out of this little space and in with the family...(been there and done that!) so go and show them some love although I'm sure that gorgeous home style will travel with them wherever they go.

Images via Me oh my! Catch the full tour here.

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Oh Lola

That hair.
A big fluffy chick in disguise.
So adorable.
I think the word Lola should mean 'one who is eternally happy'.

Grandma said the other day 'everyone should have a Lola'.  
I agree.
Kitty on the other hand pronounced today. 'I wish i didn't have THAT brother. He is so naughty.' 

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Last 12 months

On my picture organiser on my Mac it has a running selection of photos which start from the last 12 months. It never ceases to amaze and quite frankly scare me that events at the top of this happened like a WHOLE YEAR AGO! Time really does fly past so quickly. If you have the same set up as me i'm sure you must think the same thing. Approximately a year ago i looked something like this...
And my kids were doing something like this...
See that sunshine on a balmy evening? That's how i know it's rained for far too long around here!
On the subject of rain and boredom...did you see the Drawbot Lorenzo Bravi invented to keep the kids entertained on Apartment Therapy? You have to watch the video it's genius!

Monday 30 April 2012

Mini Rodini and Bugaboo

So i'm a lover of Mini Rodini. Kit and Lo recently got a few treats from the Alex and Alexa Be our Buyer Sale of a panda related fashion from said brand and today they are releasing a limited collection of 20 numbered Cameleon strollers with patterns designed by Mini Rodini.

I'm would totally love to know who buys these. I think we'd look pretty funny with Lola wearing her suit...

And Kit in her dress...

...And me strolling around in my limited edition buggy!  I'm guessing they've probably got a nice big price tag but if you are in to matching things and pandas you'll be onto a winner.
Panda yourself up Bugaboo Style here.

If you miss out you could always bag yourself a one from their Missoni collection. Which do you prefer?

Did i mention you have to be in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland or Sweden? Never a better time to take a little Scandinavian trip!

Wednesday 25 April 2012

my side, your side

Remember these pillow cases? Well today only they are on sale. Great wedding present perhaps?!

Via not on the highstreet

Friday 20 April 2012

A new project: Chalkboard Living

So I'm going to share a new little project i've been working like crazy on.

Chalkboard Living

Next month i'm going to be jumping ship and taking a deep breath and launching a new British blog site all about family style. It's cool stuff  +  kids. Simple as that.

 Photo by Louise Freeland Photography

Me and my contributors /photographers / been searching around, going into family houses and  kids rooms and finding out the best inspiration we can offer. It's going to be insane.
Insanely good. We will also have fashion, everyday living and stuff to do and make with your kids and a bit of personal Chalk life mixed in.

I hope you'll bear with me on this little blog for a while but you know i think i can say i'm not a procrastinating mama anymore.

It's not quite ready and launched yet but you can follow what we've been up to over on my twitter and facebook. (Apologies: Man, that sounds lame!)

And if you don't do twitter and facebook then i'll keep you posted when it's ready, here!

Big love

Tracey x

Thursday 19 April 2012


So after my last post, I saw a link to these gorgeous pieces by Momoll over at Paul & Paula.
A whole range of quality pieces Norwegian designed to withstand wear and tear.

"The toys are not just fun for kids, but also for us, the designers and manufacturers. "

 We are lucky to live in an age of so much choice.  It's not just the high street chain stores that offer us the staples we want for our children but innovation and simple beauty can be found delivered to our door.             
I think this garage has to be my favourite.

And like Minna's playhouse i love the slot together design. So great for small spaces.

All these pieces are available here at Smallable

Tuesday 17 April 2012

The Maja Playhouse

I'm head over heels for this gorgeous playhouse which can be deconstructed in minutes and stored away. It has been designed by the clever Minna from Time of the Aquarius. 100% handmade in Finland and will be only sold in Finland but here's hoping for an international delivery soon. It comes in white, grey and black.

I know some people may think it's a playhouse, it should be colourful, but i guess you can mark/sticker it as you like.  Sometimes its the simple things that have the most impact. I can imagine the black as an awesome Star Wars House and the White as a snow lodge for Eskimos. You know when there is no obvious detailing i think it also makes for a greater

Monday 16 April 2012

Simple Danish Nursery

Mette and Mikkel's house includes a simple grown up nursery which works for adults too. Always a winner. Especially because it's you who appreciates looking at it more!

If you like this, you'll love the rest of the house. Check it here.

              Photographs: Mikkel Adsbøl            
Stylist: Katrine Martensen-Larsen 

Sunday 15 April 2012

The School Run

Easter's over and the School Run is back ;( An extra week off would be so lovely. I'm not sure i'm ready for the morning rat race. I'm seriously considering becoming super organised one day soon and picking out clothes the night before. I hate struggling to find something to wear in the morning, the lack of time and my own useless indecision.

I must admit to enjoying reading Easy Living Magazine and seeing their Mum School Run Style. As ridiculous as some of the outfits are (in a 'I've never seen a mum looking that good of a morning at my school!' ) It's always fun to check out. I'm all up for inspiration though the Celine dress in their fashion edit is probably not what i rock out in, on a normal Monday morning!

Mum Laila Dupuy via Easy Living

So tell me mums, do you roll out of bed into the first thing you can find or do you dress in style for the school run?

Monday 9 April 2012

Project X + some tidy kitchen!

I have a new  HUGE project I'm working on that i'm going to share with you guys soon but it's causing me to be CRAZY busy. It's also making me make the most of my instagram for fun, as i haven't been blogging here as much as i'd like and instagram is just so easy and fun to do.

I recently posted this picture of my kitchen. It's ridiculously tidy and clean and i have to admit that it wasn't all my doing. Ahem... i had a lovely lady come in and help me. I was embarassed at the total bombsite mess it had become and with my 3 bambilino's and serious time issues right now I caved in to a cleaner. I mean after she left the cupboards looked like they had been painted it was so clean!

I'm getting her to come back again and do some more rooms for me. The only problem is that now the kitchen looks 'normal' again and i'm hoping she's not going to be too pissed that her hard work was in vain! Anyone else have a cleaner? I'm not too sure about a regular cleaner. The worst bit (after paying them of course) is having to tidy up for them to come!

I'm loving la la loving's new Monday Mess posts. Have you seen them? Well this week is really not that messy to be fair but i love the idea. As much as i'd love to live in a minimalist world it kinda fights me all the way so i guess i just love a bit of mess!

P.S. I hope you had a fab Easter. I'm just getting over my choccy hangover!

Wednesday 4 April 2012

How we roll

Swimming costumes in the bath. It's just how we roll sometimes.

You know i think we get so caught up in what we should be teaching our kids and how to stick to rules that we've set that sometimes we forget that it's ok to just breathe, relax and have some fun with them. They want to wear swimming costumes in the bath? It makes them happy! They might not actually get as clean as you liked but they will think you are cool and cool wins over clean anyday.

Kitty's new swimming costume by Mini Rodini 
 at Alex and Alexa (Be Our Buyer Sale) Awesome!

P.S Did you know i'm on instagram?

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Polka Dot Number Print

Have you seen this number print over at blogmilk? It's free to download. I'm putting mine in the playroom. Thank you Blogmilk! xx

Thursday 29 March 2012

Love that Rabbit

I have loved the White Rabbit England store for a while with its mix of children's decor and gorgeous accessories but i recently saw Brit owner Victoria's New York home on Refinery 29 and fell in love. Such a wonderful eclectic mix and who doesn't love a chalkboard?!

Check out the full tour at Refinery 29, here.

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Travelling with my mate Mac

I so walked around London with this beast! It worked.

DVF at Gap Kids is here!

    Right now I'm off to browse at Gap. Browse being the operative word. I will try to keep my credit   card firmly wedged into my purse!

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Blogshop London

 loving me some instagram!

So there is so much going on in the Chalk house right now it's CRAZY! But i thought i must do a  post about my amazing weekend with the blogshop massive. It was so inspirational and yet head hurting at the same time. I think learning something completely new from scratch is like learning another language really. You really need to practice everyday just to get that sucker to sink right in. I met so many cool peeps including Xanthe who made an little film about our class! Now i just need to practice. It makes perfect don't you day!

Group/scene shot via DesignLoveFest

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Happy Birthday Kitty!

Someone special was 5 today. Preparations are in full swing for a superhero party at the weekend. 
She loved my washi tape birthday parcels. The girls got taste. What can i say?!
Her day went something like this.

Wake up, presents, breakfast, school, jewellery making, lasagne making, cake decorating, more presents, eating tea and playing with presents, playing, bath, playing, stories, bed.

Oh the joy of birthdays when you are young.

Sunday 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day

"As a mom, you get to experience what falling in love feels like again with each child.”
Kate Young via The Glow

 In England, today is Mother's Day. I'm still recovering from what feels like an eternal haze of sickness in this house but today i'm thankful for my three bambino's. They illuminate my life and complicate my world in equal measure and i would not be without them for the whole world.

 Photograph by Louise Freeland

Also i love what Karine has posted about mother's Day here. I feel exactly the same.
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