Sunday, 15 April 2012

The School Run

Easter's over and the School Run is back ;( An extra week off would be so lovely. I'm not sure i'm ready for the morning rat race. I'm seriously considering becoming super organised one day soon and picking out clothes the night before. I hate struggling to find something to wear in the morning, the lack of time and my own useless indecision.

I must admit to enjoying reading Easy Living Magazine and seeing their Mum School Run Style. As ridiculous as some of the outfits are (in a 'I've never seen a mum looking that good of a morning at my school!' ) It's always fun to check out. I'm all up for inspiration though the Celine dress in their fashion edit is probably not what i rock out in, on a normal Monday morning!

Mum Laila Dupuy via Easy Living

So tell me mums, do you roll out of bed into the first thing you can find or do you dress in style for the school run?


leanne said...

Ha ha good post! I have enough trouble getting the boys organised without even thinking about me!
I am Not a Morning Person so my solution is usually skinny jeans and my coat with some old jumper hiding underneath in the morning - as long as i remember to zip the coat up I'm okay!
By the afternoon school run I've usually sorted myself out into something half respectable! X

Tracey said...

I love the coat disguise too. Makes me nervous for summer when you won't need one! ;)

Laetitia said...

Haha. I saw this in Easy Living as well and although I am not a mom yet, I was thinking 'really? can they be that stylish everyday on a school run'.

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