Monday, 9 April 2012

Project X + some tidy kitchen!

I have a new  HUGE project I'm working on that i'm going to share with you guys soon but it's causing me to be CRAZY busy. It's also making me make the most of my instagram for fun, as i haven't been blogging here as much as i'd like and instagram is just so easy and fun to do.

I recently posted this picture of my kitchen. It's ridiculously tidy and clean and i have to admit that it wasn't all my doing. Ahem... i had a lovely lady come in and help me. I was embarassed at the total bombsite mess it had become and with my 3 bambilino's and serious time issues right now I caved in to a cleaner. I mean after she left the cupboards looked like they had been painted it was so clean!

I'm getting her to come back again and do some more rooms for me. The only problem is that now the kitchen looks 'normal' again and i'm hoping she's not going to be too pissed that her hard work was in vain! Anyone else have a cleaner? I'm not too sure about a regular cleaner. The worst bit (after paying them of course) is having to tidy up for them to come!

I'm loving la la loving's new Monday Mess posts. Have you seen them? Well this week is really not that messy to be fair but i love the idea. As much as i'd love to live in a minimalist world it kinda fights me all the way so i guess i just love a bit of mess!

P.S. I hope you had a fab Easter. I'm just getting over my choccy hangover!

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Amanda said...

We just stopped our cleaner last week as we thought we'd try and save a bit more money and with Sophie a bit older now, I thought I'd see how I went trying to squeeze in time to do it again. Was SO nice coming home once a week to a clean and tidy house, although, within a day it looked 'lived in' again and of course with little ones, there's HEAPS to tidy and clean every day, but knowing my floors were mopped, carpets vacuumed and bathrooms cleaned was lovely. Definitely get her once a week or even once a fortnight if you can. I know what you mean about 'tidying for the cleaner' but at least it forces you to do so :)

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