Thursday, 19 April 2012


So after my last post, I saw a link to these gorgeous pieces by Momoll over at Paul & Paula.
A whole range of quality pieces Norwegian designed to withstand wear and tear.

"The toys are not just fun for kids, but also for us, the designers and manufacturers. "

 We are lucky to live in an age of so much choice.  It's not just the high street chain stores that offer us the staples we want for our children but innovation and simple beauty can be found delivered to our door.             
I think this garage has to be my favourite.

And like Minna's playhouse i love the slot together design. So great for small spaces.

All these pieces are available here at Smallable


Toni said...

I absolute love the wooden playhouses they look great and give the kids the opportunity to use all their imagination when playing! We gave our son a wooden fort when he was about 6 and had absolutely hours of fun with it.

Ana Degenaar said...

Oh my! Such a dream. I want one of each.

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