Wednesday, 25 April 2012

my side, your side

Remember these pillow cases? Well today only they are on sale. Great wedding present perhaps?!

Via not on the highstreet

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey..

Thank you for your comments about linking i had NO idea.. I had a flick through the website that you gave me and i didn't realise the extent of it all and how important it is to link to the source.. I guess it's a part of "blog courtesy" but i really had no idea and i feel terrible!! Most of the pictures i pin onto my own boards but they come from somewhere that come from somewhere else and it's all a bit confusing so from now on i will endeavor to pop the link box in from the website i got it from.. SORRY! But on a lighter not i purchased the sparrow Flensted mobile that you suggested AGES ago and got it for my little boys room.. It's FINALLY up and i have a picture of it on my blog post today if you want to see his room.. x

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