Thursday 30 September 2010

Duvet Dilema

This weekend i bought Kit a single duvet, which is a little big for her junior bed now but she will soon be moving on to a single bed really soon BUT

1. She is Little Miss. Fussy pants. Don't get me started on why she doesn't like things, ie. because of the tiniest amount of green stitching shows or some other random made up excuse.
2. I am thinking maybe i'd like them to have matching duvets or ones that kind of match in some way as I will get Seb the same when he goes into her bed. Too cutesy or do you like matching?
They share the same room, here.
3. The freakin size thing. Why are duvet covers different sizes? Some are 140x200 and others like from Ikea and overseas are 150x200 or 150x210 or something else entirely which complicates it further. I mean do you just buy the styles that fit your duvet or buy two duvets so you can have any size? Seriously this is duvet trauma!

Help. Look. Options. I love the rainbows by Lulu and Nat but i showed her and all she said was "Does it have pink in it?" I said, "hmm, I don't think so." She looked away in disgust! (age 3 disgust of course) But should i care? It is my house, but her room? It needs to also go with turquoise and white and kind of fit in with their Fabler blind. So picture this with two white single beds or bunkbeds (eventually maybe?)

Here goes...take a good look!

Clouds from Little Baby Company which could then match with

Or go with the Fabler to match the blinds?

 Or this one from Marks and Spencer (couldn't get a pic big enough to show)

OR just plain white?


Or does anyone else know the perfect thing i'm looking for?

In need of some girlie fun?

Here's an oldie but a goldie. 
1.Plait the hair whilst freshly washed and dried/ still very slightly damp, into lots of little plaits.
2. Send them to bed.
3. When they wake up take the plaits out. 

 Bingo! Plaited frizz type heaven. They love it.  (Just found these from our holiday collection and they made me smile.)

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Monday 27 September 2010

White Location

 If only my house were this tidy.


Sunday 26 September 2010

'My French Country Home' Blog.

Thought i'd leave you this French Week with a little taste of My French Country Home Blog which i discovered this week. I particularly love Sharon's French Settler week stories, of why various people moved to France and if you like traditional French Interior style then I'll think you like this one as much as me.

Thursday 23 September 2010

Possibly the most beautiful ice cream carton in France,...The World?

So i may have spent nearly 6 Euros on a carton of ice cream just to get the cute box to take home and do ...(i have no idea what yet)...BUT that choclate orange is possibly THE best ice cream i've ever had. I had some goodens so hence the 'possibly'!

Ever had a Terry's Chocolate Orange? Well this is it, melted and ice creamed up!
Vanille shpanille - its vanilla. What can you say? Good but still just vanilla. BUT super cute box!

The Frenchies are quite fond of Reglisse ice cream which i think is liquorice. I didn't pay 6 Euros to get that one as well but I probably should have judging by these beauties. Next time.

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Best French Magazine: Marie Claire Maison

And i was lucky enough to be there long enough to pick up TWO issues! Here are some highlights from the Septembre edition.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

The Caravanne Gallery - My favourite shop in Bayonne...ever!

A concept store for 'enfants et femme' (women and kidlets!) yay!

Cute changing room...would make a fab playhouse!
 I bought some of the Eiffel Tower fabric. To die for ( nearly)
And i REALLY wanted to take this vintage garage home. 
Damn that non existent Ryan Air baggage allowance!

The best blackboard table to amuse the kids...and husbands!

So you want to see what i bought?
I had to limit myself and my wallet to just two Jeu de Paume books. I picked kids bedrooms Paris and Stockholm. Be still my heart... but that's a whole nother post!
Seriously how freakin adorable is this? I only got one metre. Now what to do with it?

Want to visit?
6 rue Notre Dame
Bayonne, France

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