Wednesday 31 March 2010

Must make me one of these!

I saw these storytelling frames by Elizabeth Kartchner from her guest post on Ali Edward's blog today. I love them and it has inspired me to do something like this in the kidlets room.
What i saw straight away was the box with the page from a story called 'Pinkalicious'. We don't have this book in England (that i'm aware of) but my husband brought it back for Kitty on his last trip. It quickly became her favourite book and she loves it so much she knows all the words without us having to actually read it to her at all. I love how Elizabeth has incorporated her favourite book into the frames. A really creative way to remember their first literary loves.

Decorating weekend coming up!

So we've been in a new house, our life house now since January and i think it's time to pull out that paint brush and paint the town red...or turquoise blue more to the point.

Kids room first. They share a room because its so big and they like being together and really because we wanted another room just for our clothes. Selfish? yes but you've got to have some perks for yourselves after a hard day parenting! Oh and we still get to keep a spare room for guests!

Here's what i'm thinking.

all of which i found here at the House of Turquoise. What a brilliant blog for turquoise lovers!

Monday 29 March 2010

I'm Back.

It's all been a bit of a blur...not really sure where i've been but i'm back. I'm in the groove and getting some kind of mojo flowing. I have been so inspired by things around me recently and i feel a bit like i really need to focus on those things to help me define what the freakin hell i'm going to do with the rest of those good hopefully long years ahead of me!

So watch out.

In the meantime...
Here are some of the things that have been inspiring me: just a few mind!

My friend Lou's photos
My beautiful new house and all the possibilities
My new desk
Habitually Chic

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