Tuesday 29 June 2010

Bon Ton ...the cutest childrens store in Paris...that i visited!

I love the long wallpaper style art poster that the kids can colour themselves.
A couple of levels of cute and kitsch kids stuff, a hairdressers and clothes boutique. Downstairs bedding, more toys and a mini library with seating and books for sale. I couldn't resist a funky illustrated book called ' je suis superlapin!' and a purple small jelly bag.

And everything comes in their own cotton star printed tote. Oh the coolness.

They have a few stores. All different. I went to
5 boulevard des filles du calvaire
75003 PARIS

Monday 28 June 2010


A very tired me sharing a few glimpses from my weekend. More to come. More sleep needed. 5.30am is not a respectable time to go to bed. Even in Paris.

Wednesday 23 June 2010

Only 2 sleeps to go

Although really its 1 and a half as we leave at 3.30am to catch our 5.42am train to Paris! CRAZY!

At the moment the only thing on my mind is this

or this...?

Can anyone actually believe i have NEVER had one of these beautiful looking morsels?! But which to try Laduree or Pierre Herme? ...both?

Images from Hip Paris Blog.

Sunday 20 June 2010

My Little Piggy

So today i guess i can say i was a very proud parent. Kit was in her very first show, doing a number for her Musical Arts Dancing School. She was  a pig! I was so nervous beforehand and I found the whole experience more emotional than my wedding. It must be something about kids that do that to you. 

The thing is I was never actually sure if she would make it on the stage but i'm mighty glad she did. Sometimes she can get overwhelmed and although she is definitely a confident child she can be freaked out in unusual situations. 

There was enough happy moments to hold onto from the 3 minutes she was onstage to last me a long long time. I am one happy mama.

Saturday 19 June 2010

Small Cool from Apartment Therapy

Just found these pictures of an amazing apartment of just 285 square feet via Apartment Therapy. That involves a serious amount of organisation, tidiness and innovative storage! How cool to see the bedroom integrated into the studio whilst still being able to retain some privacy and separation. Very clever! 
View the full tour here. I love that it's kind of Anna Spiro as well don't you think? I wonder if Natalie was inspired by her at all?

Friday 18 June 2010


I seem to be amassing new blogs everyday. Shannon Fricke's blog is a new one for me and i LOVE it! For me when looking at a blog i scroll the first page or two to see if there is anything at all that visually appeals to me. If there is i search in further and then make a decision whether to bookmark it. This blog had me at the title banner! Must be something about the taupe grey and white colouring that lures me in.

What Amazing colours!

She also holds decorating workshops at her home in Bangalow. Gutted. They look amazing...She is in OZ and i in Sunny England. Hey ho. But she does have books! Me thinks they will be on my Christmas list this year if i can wait that long!
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