Tuesday 22 February 2011

We are off

on a little vacation and a spot of picture taking. I'm hoping not to be told to 'put the camera away' until at least the second day! Have a great week peeps. Be back in action next week with LOTS of gorgeous pics!


Sunday 20 February 2011

Someone has a camera

...and we have a LOT of catching up to do around here!


Saturday 19 February 2011

Oh my gosh and some edible glittery-ness

Via Mimi and Meg, via Sweetapolita.
Oh my indeed. I have to make a cake completely covered in edible glitter...think Dorothy's shoes. Amazing!

On that note...remember these...

Can you tell i'm in love with edible glitter?

 So i know some of you peeps don't have it round your way and as i think this is a plain travesty, my pay it forward surprise (or not )gifts will be some edible glitter! Next time i'm at the cake shop i'll pick some up for the first two people to comment. I already have one reserved for a little Aussie friend who enquired a while back.

Sprinkle the love!

Thursday 17 February 2011

My pay it forward gift

So so happy to get my surprise package in the post from Kristi. Thank you!

On the other hand ashamed to show you any pictures because i am still without camera! Grr. Really dodgy iphone pics coming up. Sorry it doesn't do them justice.

This little guy is my favourite.

Now if a surprise package isn't the best start to a day i'm not sure what is!
Though Mr. C is home and with him presents! Three French Interior mags. 

Fingers crossed for a new camera this weekend. Though my Macbook is really slow and keeps giving me a multi coloured swirling 'waiting' circle every few minutes which is driving me mad. Double crossing my toes that it's not slowly dying too.

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Can't go wrong with white in the cleanest room of all.

Would you love this bath or do you need a separate shower as well?

Monday 14 February 2011

So what did you get?

I get to parent the kids on my own again this week whilst Mr C is on another trip with work ;(

Still i'm hoping for an issue or two of Marie Claire Maision to come home with him from the airport! Lucky for him we are not big on Valentines day. I like to avoid the marketing ploy to buy stuff and do nice stuff for each other instead. Personally i'd take a back scratch and a lie in when he comes home!

What did you lucky peeps get? Did anyone get a 'guess who sent this?' card or is that just an urban myth?!

Friday 11 February 2011

Sunday 6 February 2011

Cheat's birthday cake

Someone around here turns two tomorrow. Today we went to the zoo to celebrate. Tomorrow we'll go swimming and have his favourite tea and then cake. This is my version of a really easy...kind of cheating cake.

If you don't have oodles of time. Make your favourite cake recipe. Lash on way too much buttercream icing (the BEST kind of icing if you ask me!) Then steal a few favourite toys, wash them and plonk them on top. Voila! A few sweets and a bit of edible glitter and your done in under 2 hours start to finish.

On a more serious note though...i'm dying without my camera. Need to make a purchase soon. The iphone pics just don't quite cut it.

Friday 4 February 2011


The beautiful blog of stylish Karine from France based on her loves and her life and inspired also by the concept store Bodie and Fou she runs with her sister. She writes in English and French, she chats, tells stories, stimulates and enthralls with endless sources of inspirational images. Il est magnifique!
 So want this from their store...shame it's not a changing/nappy bag!

I particularly love their 'a corner of my bedroom' series

Wednesday 2 February 2011

The Twins

My sister's twins are doing so well. I love how they love to be together, touching each other, breathing together.

And i just have to post how much i have loved reading how Jo from 'A cup of Jo's ' mum found out she was having twins. It's lovely. Here.
The old photos she has are just priceless too.

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Could not want this more

Shine seen via High Gloss. 

Loving new FREE online magazines. So muchio. xx

Great things at Great Plains

Great Plains here.
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