Monday, 19 April 2010

Children's bedroom is finished!

It is always hard trying to create a joint room for two different sexes that is feminine enough for a 3 year old girly girl and a 1 year old boisterous boy, and still give the room some time for them to grow into it, but this just seems to work. It was awkward trying to mix two rooms of furniture into one as they were different but until they are both in matching single beds it can be more of an eclectic look! Well there's always room for improvement but this is it right now!
Love this blanket Kitty had as a baby from Mamas and Papas

And how cute are the lion bookends?!

This colour combination is enough to make me smile.

Mr Stripy rabbit was bought in Canada when i was pregnant with Kitty so it has such a pride of place in their room with the Creative Thursday prints.

The blind is Ikea Fabler fabric.
My friend Karen made them up for me. It totally makes the room for me.

The photos are in painted Ikea frames. The 'Amazing' name prints are by Kal Barteski

Love my new Belle and Boo Print.
The Belle and Boo postcards i picked up in Paperchase for a steal!

I painted the old mirror yellow and the Ikea chair pink but nearly everything else we already had.

The BEFORE shot!
This was taken before we moved in when it was a spare bedroom.


Kal said...

This is a BEAUTIFUL room! I love it. It's full of love and I adore your combination of colours. Lucky kids. Lucky kids.

Erin {House of Turquoise} said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! What a cheerful, colorful space...just perfect! I agree with Kal, these are some very lucky kids! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE it Tracey! thank you for sharing this with me! It's an honor to have my art included in such a special room.

Mandy @ Belle and Boo said...

Hello Tracey, your new room looks so lovely, I am honored you included some Belle & Boo. Mandy

Anonymous said...

Very child appropriate without being too sweet. Congratulations on having such a great friend who's willing to make a window treatment for you. I absolutely love the shade.

nath said...

Beautiful room, well done! Real mix of boy & girl items...

James Michael said...

love the room. Where did you get that bed? love it!

Tracey said...

The little white junior bed is from Great Little trading company.

Not sure if they do this one any more but they are bound to have something similar. ;)

Kat - Housewife Confidential said...

Hey, I have just found your blog today and I will officially stalking you from now on! I write for Bambino Goodies and would love to do a piece on your children's room - if you would like to share could you get in touch either through my blog (Housewife Confidential) or email kat{@} bambino goodies .co .uk couldn't find your contact details so apologies for being thick and please feel free to delete this very odd comment!

Kat x

Tracey said...

Thanks Kat. Lovely to know other people like my blog and style. xx

Jenn said...

What a beautiful room! I love your paint colors. Will you please share what paint colors you used?

Tracey said...

Hi Jenn,

This paint is called Malibu and it was a colours range at B&Q. I think only available in England but they have a F&B one which is very similar.
The white was a pure brilliant Dulux.


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