Monday, 30 April 2012

Mini Rodini and Bugaboo

So i'm a lover of Mini Rodini. Kit and Lo recently got a few treats from the Alex and Alexa Be our Buyer Sale of a panda related fashion from said brand and today they are releasing a limited collection of 20 numbered Cameleon strollers with patterns designed by Mini Rodini.

I'm would totally love to know who buys these. I think we'd look pretty funny with Lola wearing her suit...

And Kit in her dress...

...And me strolling around in my limited edition buggy!  I'm guessing they've probably got a nice big price tag but if you are in to matching things and pandas you'll be onto a winner.
Panda yourself up Bugaboo Style here.

If you miss out you could always bag yourself a one from their Missoni collection. Which do you prefer?

Did i mention you have to be in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland or Sweden? Never a better time to take a little Scandinavian trip!


tina said...

Oh dear, that's Missoni done at its worse? Not sure I like the collaboration.... That Missoni print in the Nordic cities? Interesting. Thought they might tone it down a little.

Lovely to see you. X

Sam Lennie said...

That Mini Rodini designed Canopy on the bugaboo would be a nightmare to keep clean and if it's not clean it would drive me crazy. No wonder navy blue and black is so popular for pushchairs.

The Missoni is overkill.

Are you thinking of buying one of these?! :-)

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