Saturday 15 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award...

another one for me! Thank you Julie!

Now as i've recently done a big 7 things about me from my last one i thought i'd make these short and sweet. 7 random favourites. (Though i love the 7 snapshots of home that Julie did. Genius!)
1. Stella McCartney Perfume
2. Dirty Dancing
3. Love is not a pie honey by Amy Bloom
4. My 50mm lens
5.The colour Grey
6. Jeu de paumes books...i have two so far.
7. Online!

I'm passing on my Stylish Blogger Award to:

the beautiful Kristi at giggles down under
 and Isa at happy you are back. x

So ladies the awards are yours if you want 7 things about you?


Kristi said...

ah blush. seven things about me huh. it may take me awhile but i'll get something up eventually. i am slow at these award things. xo.

Isa said...

oh how very sweet of you! Thank you! xx

Btw, Dirty Dancing and grey (Jennifer Grey, too)... perfect.

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