Sunday, 22 January 2012

Polar bear cake

Original idea taken from luna magazine

I made this on Boxing Day but i think it could be fun for any cold time of the year especially as a simple birthday cake.  The original idea says to use a pre bought cheesecake but i think you can make this with any cake and the more homemade the better.

1. Make or buy your favourite cake ( i baked a light sponge)
2. Melt white chocolate and pour over greaseproof paper, then with a spatula thin out. Leave to set and dry in a cool place. Refrigerate if necessary.
3. Cover your cake in whipped cream.
4. Snap up the cooled and hardened white chocolate into iceberg shapes and stick to the whipped cream around the cake.
5. Dust the cake with edible glitter and add polar bear figures ( or penguins etc...) Mine were from Schleich.



kim said...

oh yum! what a beautiful cake!

Smbumblebee said...

Gorgeous! Very creative, think I might try this for my little one's birthday in December :)

Bubby Makes Three said...

a darling idea.... i wish we could get edible glitter here!!

Lauren (stillpluslife) said...

Love this cake! How awesome is that!

Sarah said...

trés cute xxx

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